CVR Data

This report shows the company's contact details. Here you can check contact details by filtering .Industry, CVR number, Names, Municipality name and Postcode. You can also check how many companies are in the industry and see how many employees the company has registered on the CVR Register. The report is particularly useful for lead generation or for looking up individual

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Economic report

This report shows the overview of your company's income statement. The report can be quickly adjusted if your company uses other dimensions or if you want other KPIs. The report is easy to print in PDF or if you are going to a board meeting, you can also export it to PowerPoint. Remember that you can change pages above at

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Stock analysis

This report shows what your stock looks like, both historically and right now. With an overview of the stock now, with what you expect to sell, and with what you have bought - you get an overall view for your goods. With an ATP calculation you can easily get an overview of which goods,

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Sales report

Here you get an overview of the sales in the company. See which customers have untapped potential this month versus last month. See the geographical location of your customers to see which areas you can target more effectively for marketing. Remember, the report can be easily adjusted to suit your business

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Debtor payments

Brug denne rapport til at få et totalt indblik i dine debitors betalinger.  Fang dine dårligt betalende kunder i tide og øg din likviditet.  Rapporten kan nemt rettes til, så den passer din virksomheds-betalingsbetingelser! Husk at du kan ændre sider ovenfor på pilene < >

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This report shows an overview of tables and columns for Business Central. We often find that many of our customers have developed custom fields and have difficulty pulling these fields into their reporting. With dezision we can pull all the fields out of your finance system when it comes to business central. Go to

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