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Subscription Terms -
These subscription terms apply to any subscription subscribed and entered into with, CVR-No.: 31274486, Skomagervej 13C, 7100 Vejle.
1. Definitions
Abenten: The company or person who subscribes.
Provider: The platform that supports the subscription. E-conomic, Business Central and other APIs.
Subscription(s): The subscription(s) that the customer chooses to subscribe through the Vendor. 
Order form: The subscriber fills in prior to subscription. In the order form, the Subscriber selects the Subscription that the subscriber wants to subscribe to. The order form shows the notice period for the selected Subscription. 
Application: The program that the Subscriber selects when subscription(s) is supported by provider. 
2. Accept of subscription and terms
These subscription terms (hereinafter "the Terms") apply to any subscription subscribed through the electronic platform The terms are signed prior to subscription of any subscription by checking the "I have read and agree to the Terms" box. Any derogation from the Terms may only be made by written prior agreement concluded between the Subscriber and the Supplier. 
3. Duration of subscription
The subscription takes effect by subscription via the electronic platform and runs until it is terminated in accordance with the Terms and the Order Form. If the Subscriber has subscribed for several Subscriptions, the total Subscriptions will run until the end of the longest-lasting Subscription. 
4. Payment
When creating the Subscription(s), the Subscriber enters credit card information to use to pay for the subscription selected by the Subscriber. Collection and payment is done months behind schedule and is done by automatic card drawing every last month. The subscriber receives a payment receipt at the email address provided by the Subscriber. Upon termination in the middle of a subscription period, the Subscriber pays until the end of the longest-lasting Subscription that is terminated. 
5. Scope and use
In accordance with these Terms, the subscriber shall be granted non-exclusive access to the program to which the Subscriber has chosen to subscribe. The selected subscription is made available online as "Software as service". The subscriber does not acquire ownership of the selected programme, nor does the Subscriber acquire the right to copy part or all of the selected programme. The subscriber is not licensed to run the program chosen by the Subscriber, except as a software as a service. 
The subscriber's Subscription(s) give the Subscriber access to the selected program as it is and to use it within the consumption limits and to the number of users, additional modules, etc. that appear in the specific programs at any time. If the Subscriber needs additional capacity or functionality and if the Provider offers this, the Subscription will automatically be upgraded in accordance with the Subscriber's option. The subscriber accepts that the price will be increased accordingly. 
The right to use the Subscription chosen by the Subscriber applies only to the Subscriber and its established employees and may not be used by others without a separate agreement to do so. 
Prices and terms of payment
Unless otherwise separately agreed in writing, payment terms are 8 days net from invoice date.
Termination and default
If the Subscriber wishes to cancel subscription(s), make subscription(s) downgrades and/or opt-outs of additional modules, this may be done until the end of one month and in accordance with the information provided for in the Order Form.
Subscription(s) are active until the end of the notice period, after which there will no longer be automatic collection via the Subscriber's designated payment card. 
The supplier is entitled to close license access to the program selected by the Subscriber for payment after the payment deadline. The supplier is entitled to charge a fee for reopening a licence fee as a result of payment default. 
Personal data
The subscriber and the Supplier agree that the Subscriber is data controller with respect to any personal data, including – but not limited to – particularly sensitive personal data that the Subscriber uploads and processes in the program. The subscriber is free to dispose of his or her own data in the programme.
When subscribing to Subscription(s), the Subscriber and the Supplier have entered into a data processing agreement, which details the terms of processing personal data. The supplier is a data processor and the Subscriber is the data controller. 
The supplier only processes personal data for a factual and detailed purpose. The supplier's data protection policy applies to any Subscription subscribed with the Supplier. 
Operational stability
The supplier   strives for maximum operational stability, but is not responsible for breakdowns or breakdowns, including for breakdowns caused by factors beyond the supplier's control. This includes power outages, equipment failures, Internet connections, telecommunications connections or the like. The program and any Subscription are provided as is and exists and the Supplier disclaims any warranty, insurance, warranties, claims or other terms, directly as well as indirectly. 
Thus, the subscriber cannot bring any claim against the Supplier to restore normal operation as soon as possible.
In cases where the Supplier no longer has the opportunity to access data for any reason, the Supplier is not obliged to report the Subscriber's PowerBi. If the Subscriber so wishes, it will be done on behalf of the Subscriber, and also only by further written agreement with the Supplier. 
Changes and updates
The vendor is entitled to make changes and updates to the Program on an ongoing basis. The supplier is also entitled to change the composition and structure of the Program and services offered by the Supplier. Such updates, improvements and changes may occur with, or without notice, and may affect services, including information and data uploaded to or provided by the Program. 
Intellectual property rights
The program chosen by the Subscriber and all information provided from the program, with the exception of customer data, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and belong to or are licensed to the Supplier. Thus, intellectual property rights are not transferred to the Subscriber. 
Any individually prepared software also belongs to the Supplier, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The subscriber shall immediately and without undue delay notify the Supplier of any current or potential violation of the Supplier's intellectual property rights or potential violation of the Supplier's intellectual property rights or any other unauthorised use of the program known to the Subscriber.
In relation to any material uploaded by the Subscriber and any customer data that the Subscriber discloses to the Supplier, the Subscriber gives the Subscriber by subscription the Supplier and Provider consent and permission for the supplier and provider to properly execute and operate the Program and fulfill their obligations in accordance with the Subscription. 
The subscriber states that the material uploaded does not infringe the rights of third parties and does not contain material that may be offensive or contravene applicable law or other regulation. 
The supplier is entitled to transfer his rights and obligations to the Subscriber to affiliated companies or third parties. 
As regards the supplier's use of subcontractors, please refer in full to the Data Processor Agreement. 
The Supplier disclaims any liability in relation to these terms, services or use of Programs, whether in or out of contract, including for operating loss, consequential or other indirect loss, data loss, loss due to product liability or loss arising from simple negligence. 
The vendor is not responsible for third-party solutions that are available and/or integrated with the Program. Thus, the supplier cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, completeness, quality and reliability of the information, nor the results obtained through these third-party solutions. Similarly, the Supplier cannot be held responsible for the Providers' availability, security, functionality, including for possible damages and/or losses caused by third-party solutions. It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to provide proof that any loss suffered by the Subscriber cannot be attributed to third-party solutions. 
Regardless of the type of loss or the basis for liability, the Supplier's total liability is limited in amount to the Subscriber's payment for 12 months before the onset of the liability, but in all cases a maximum of DKK 50,000 The subscriber undertakes to exempt the Supplier from product liability damages, third party losses and other claims from third parties as a result of the Subscriber's use of the Program. 
Terms changes
The supplier is entitled to change these terms in all respects. The terms in force at any time are available on the Supplier's website. The supplier aims to give the Subscriber reasonable notice (30 days) in connection with any change in listings on the website. The use of the program after a change in these terms constitutes an acceptance of such amended terms. It is the Subscriber's obligation to keep up to date with changes in terms on an ongoing basis. The subscriber will also be informed of any terms changes by email. such changes will be forwarded to the email address provided by the Subscriber.
These terms are governed by Danish law and any dispute that may arise as a result of a Subscription subscribed by the Subscriber with the Supplier must be brought before the Court of Kolding.

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